Sassy hand dyed velour BLANKETS

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Snuggle up with your loved ones with a one of a kind hand dyed Sassy Flats blanket! Perfect way to enjoy your favorite colorways while snuggling up together, reading stories, or just relaxing! These are made with super soft and cushy bamboo organic cotton velour.

Throw blankets are great for a nice sized lap blanket for the Sassy Flats parents or grandparents to relax with! Baby blankets are great for your baby or toddler to snuggle with (please be cautious and not use a blanket for sleep with for a young baby). Loveys make a special comforting blanket for any and all children (or adults!).

Size options:

- Throw blankets measure around 40-45" by 55-60"

- Baby blankets measure around 27-30" by 38-40" 

- Loveys measure around 10" by 15"

Hand Dyed Fabric Considerations:

Hand dyed fabrics are one of a kind and will not look exactly as shown in the photos in the listing. Also, each fabric takes the dye and pattern slightly differently, as well as batches always vary.  Especially with smaller items, each may have more or less white or of each of the main colors in the colorway. Also sometimes the dyed look may appear quite different on each side of the fabric.  Please feel free to leave a note at checkout with your request for certain colors or patterns and we will try to find one as you request, though it is not guaranteed.

Caring for Hand Dyed Items:

Hand dyed fabrics are thoroughly fixed, washed and rinsed repeatedly after the dyeing process, however there may still be some dye bleed for the first few washes.

Tips for preventing dye transfer:

- Store damp hand dyed items separate from light colored items.

- Wash with like colors or with a Color Catcher for first few washes.

- Use caution when using light colored diaper covers, wool, or clothing.

(Images are for example of the colorway only, not of actual items sold.)

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