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"Autumn Harvest" hand dyed stretchy Sassy Flats reusable flat cloth diapers + boosters

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Hand dyed stretchy Sassy Flats reusable cloth diapers are made from professional grade dye and premium fabrics - all items are hand cut, dyed, washed, sewn, and finished in my home studio in Wisconsin.

Size Options:

- Half flat ~14x28" - SUPER booster (CHEEKY fleece + black BRASSY french terry)

- One size 27.5-28" - FRESH french terry, SPICY jersey, SUPER double flats (CHEEKY fleece + black CHEEKY french terry)

- Toddler 29" - FRESH french terry

*Please note - the SPICY jersey fabric has a slub-like texture on one side.* 

SUPER booster Info:

Our newest booster option! A double layer half flat size (~14x28") booster made with two layers - hand dyed CHEEKY fleece serged with black BRASSY french terry. These work amazing to boost any flat or cloth diaper to add mega absorbency where you need it - they should absorb about 18oz!

SUPER double flat Info:

Our "SUPER" double layer stretchy flats are made with absorbent Sassy Flats fabrics - they are two layers of fabric serged together, to make diaper laundry and folding a breeze. The double layer flats are an amazing nap, overnight, or heavy wetter cloth diaper you can use anytime you need that extra boost of absorbency, without the extra drying time or irritating leg elastics that come with other more absorbent cloth diaper options. They also work perfect for a blanket or changing pad! *Please note - CHEEKY fleece is less stretchy in one direction*

Hand Dyed Fabric Considerations:

*Please note - each piece does vary in how much of each color is present. Some pieces have more white.*

Hand dyed fabrics are one of a kind and will not look exactly as shown in the photos in the listing. Also, each fabric takes the dye and pattern slightly differently, as well as batches always vary.  Especially with smaller size flats, each flat may have more or less white or of each of the main colors in the colorway. Also sometimes the dyed look may appear quite different on each side of the fabric.  Please feel free to leave a note at checkout with your request for certain colors or patterns and we will try to find one as you request, though it is not guaranteed.

Caring for Hand Dyed Items:

Please see here for more information and tips for caring for your Sassy Flats items. 

Don't forget a set of snappi fasteners and Unicorn detergent and softener to use with your flats!

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