"Pretty Pink" Hand Dyed Stretchy PREFLATS
"Pretty Pink" Hand Dyed Stretchy PREFLATS
"Pretty Pink" Hand Dyed Stretchy PREFLATS
"Pretty Pink" Hand Dyed Stretchy PREFLATS

"Pretty Pink" Hand Dyed Stretchy PREFLATS

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Hand dyed stretchy preflats! Each preflat is made with three layers of stretchy flats fabric - one side is hand dyed "Pretty Pink" CHEEKY fleece (smooth, non fuzzy side out) with light pink CHEEKY fleece for the inner layer and opposite side. 

Simply trifold, angel fold, however you'd like, and secure wings around baby with pin or snappi and you're good to go! No more pesky flat layers coming undone as your baby or toddler squirms around.

*Important Note Regarding Hand Dyed* - Hand dyed fabrics are one of a kind and will not look exactly as shown in the photos. Also, each fabric takes the dye and folded pattern slightly differently, as well as batches always vary.  Some items will have more or less of the colors seen in the photo examples. Please feel free to leave a note at checkout with your request for certain colors or patterns and we will try to find one as you request, though it is not guaranteed.  Some batches have small red, yellow or blue specks. 

Fabric Options:

- Hand dyed CHEEKY fleece + light pink CHEEKY fleece (see photo)


Sizing is approximate as preflats are adjustable by folding down the rise in front or folding the wings over. If your child is between sizes, you can size up, but keep in mind the fabrics are very stretchy!

X-small  - rise 13”, waist 14.5” - should fit around 6-18+lbs

Small – rise 14.5”, waist 15.5” - should fit around 12-28+lbs

Medium – rise 16”, waist 16.5” -  should fit around 20-35+lbs

Large – rise 17.5”, waist 17.5”  - should fit around 25-40+lbs 

Care of your hand dyed items - Hand dyed fabrics are thoroughly fixed, washed and rinsed repeatedly after the dyeing process, however there may still be some dye bleed for the first few washes. We recommend washing with like colors or with a color catcher for first few washes. Also use caution using the hand dyed items with light colored covers, wool, or clothing at first due to potential for dye transfer.

(Photos include images of previous hand dyed stretchy preflats)