Absorbency Results

Using the following method from AACD blog, we have tested the absorbency of most Sassy Flats! More to come soon.

All flats tested were prepped - washed and dried at least six times. 

Please note - fabric batches can vary up to 10% so some items with the same name and fiber content may absorb a bit more or less than results below.

Experiment Procedure:

  1. Measure and pour 4 cups (32 oz.) of water into a large bowl. (I used 44 oz for fitteds.)
  2. Place the diaper or insert in the bowl until saturated.
  3. Lightly squeeze just enough liquid out of the diaper to stop it from dripping.
Measure how much liquid is left in the bowl and subtract this number from the original 32 oz. to find out how much water your diaper or insert absorbed.


Ranked from most absorbent to least - many still use the least absorbent flats for heavy wetters when they fold the most layers in the wetzone and/or use boosters! 

1. FRESH fleece  28" - 22.5oz

2. BRAZEN french terry 28" - 17.5-18oz

3. FRESH french terry 28" - 17oz

4. CHEEKY french terry  28" -  16oz

5. SPICY jersey 28" - 13oz

6. SAUCY jersey  28" - 12oz