CHEEKY bamboo cotton spandex fleece stretchy Sassy Flats reusable flat cloth diaper

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CHEEKY fleece flats are made with bamboo, cotton, and spandex. One side is smooth like jersey and the other side is fuzzy like the inside of a sweatshirt.  These flats are very very soft, absorbent, and cushy! Either side can go against the bum - the fleece fuzzy side gives a somewhat stay dry feel.

Absorbency - a one size CHEEKY fleece flat was tested to absorb about 18.5oz! This is one of our most absorbent flats and works great for naps and nights!

Size options:

  • Newborn 19.5-20" square - fits most around 5lbs to 13lbs
  • Infant 24" square - fits most around 10lbs to 25lbs
  • One size 27.5-28" square - fits most 12lbs to 40lbs, may be bulky for newborns and small infants
  • Toddler 29" square - fits most 15-40+lbs

Flats are serged with black thread.

Fabric Considerations:

- The Seafoam color looks more like bright turquoise in certain lighting, and more of a muted teal in other lighting. See the photos for examples.

- The fleece may shed/lint the first couple uses and wash/dry cycles, even though they are already prepped. Please don't be alarmed, this is normal.

And don't forget a set of snappi fasteners and Unicorn detergent and softener to use with your flats!

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