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SUPER double layer stretchy Sassy Flats reusable flat cloth diaper

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Our "SUPER" double layer stretchy flats are made with absorbent Sassy Flats fabrics - they are two layers of fabric serged together, to make diaper laundry and folding a breeze.

The double layer flats are an amazing nap, overnight, or heavy wetter cloth diaper you can use anytime you need that extra boost of absorbency, without the extra drying time or irritating leg elastics that come with other more absorbent cloth diaper options.

Absorbency - a double one size BRASSY SUPER double flat absorbs about 36oz! 

Fabric Options:

- BRASSY (lyocell hemp spandex) french terry - Black

Fabric Considerations:

- Fleece and french terry fabrics have the fuzzy/loop side hidden inside the double flat. 

- Please note - these fabrics can develop some lint buildup up inside the double flat after it is washed/dried multiple times - we are working toward improving this. If you are interested in trying a new model with a small open/unstitched area on a side, please let us know in the order notes. 

- Flats are serged with either black/white swirl or rainbow swirl thread colors.

And don't forget a set of snappi fasteners and Unicorn detergent and softener to use with your flats!

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