Inserts - 2 PACK
Inserts - 2 PACK

Inserts - 2 PACK

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Inserts only listing.  Inserts come in packs of TWO - one is a small booster, and one is a large contoured insert.

Each has three layers of heavy hemp bamboo fleece topped with a soft flats fabric.  

Many use these to boost their flats, fitteds, or even pockets and all-in-ones. They are very very soft and absorbent!

Sizes match their respective fitted sizes (sold separately). 

Photo shows size 1 inserts over size 2. 


SIZE 0 - small booster is 8” long, large insert is 10.5” long

SIZE 1 - small booster is 10” long, large insert is 12” long

SIZE 2 - small booster is 11.25” long, large insert is 13.5” long