Cloth Wipes & Boosters Grab Bag Packs
Cloth Wipes & Boosters Grab Bag Packs

Cloth Wipes & Boosters Grab Bag Packs

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Enjoy some variety and flashbacks to previous Sassy Flats fabrics and colorways!  "Grab bag" simply means that each pack is an assortment of different colors and fabrics of wipes and boosters. 

All of our reusable cloth wipes and boosters are made with two layers of super soft absorbent fabric serged together - one side is smooth and one side is either french terry (little flat loops) side out or fleece (fuzzy) side out. Fabrics may be Saucy, Cheeky, Brazen, Fresh, Spicy, Sweet or Brassy - most have hemp bamboo fleece on the opposite side but some have two non fleece fabrics (like french terry) together. They will be in various colors and colorways!  

*Please note - snake boosters sold July and part of August 2019 may curl on the long edges - those affected have been contacted, but if not, please send an email to All snake boosters made since beginning of September 2019 should not curl on the long edges.*

Size Options: 

- Snake boosters are around 3-4.5" by 20-28" - these can be folded over as many times as you'd like to create a nice trim booster!  

- Small boosters are 6x10" - just big enough to add enough absorbency in the wetzone without much bulk!

- Medium boosters are 9x12" - a "one size" booster that can be folded either way to create 4-6 extra thirsty layers in the wetzone!

- Large boosters are 10x13" - add even more absorbency for those heavy wetters at naptime or nightime! 

- Wipes are 5-7" square - super soft and beautiful wipes, great for a multitude of uses!

- Oval rounds are 2-4.5" ovals - all purpose small wipes great for face wipes, nursing pads, or quick clean ups!

(Photo is example of some of the snake boosters on top, medium boosters on bottom, and wipes on right. Please note grab bags are a mix of hand dyed and/or mill dyed, any fabrics and colors/colorways)

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