Preflat - stretchy Sassy Flats reusable cloth diaper

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Now you can enjoy the same soft stretchy flats from Sassy Flats in an easier to use preflat! Made from three layers of natural CHEEKY fleece (bamboo organic cotton spandex) fabric serged together with wings - based on the well known and loved Juicebox preflat pattern. The fleece/fuzzy side is hidden inside the preflat. 

Simply trifold, angel fold, however you'd like, and secure wings around baby with pin or snappi and you're good to go! No more pesky flat layers coming undone as your baby or toddler squirms around.

Sizing is approximate and the rise and wings are adjustable by folding down the rise in front or folding the wings over. If your child is between sizes, you can size up, but keep in mind the fabrics are very stretchy!

Serging thread color is pastel rainbow swirl.


XS  - rise 13”, waist 14.5” - should fit around 6-18+lbs

S  – rise 14.5”, waist 15.5” - should fit around 12-28+lbs

M – rise 16”, waist 16.5” -  should fit around 20-35+lbs

L – rise 17.5”, waist 17.5”  - should fit around 25-40+lbs 

And don't forget a set of snappi fasteners to use with your preflats!