Sassy Flats Starter Pack

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Not sure where to start? Try our Sassy Flats "Starter Pack'!

Each pack comes with a one size flat in three of our top favorite flats fabrics - black CHEEKY french terry, olive green SAUCY jersey, and black BRASSY french terry, plus a pack of 3 infant snappis!

Sassy Flats reusable cloth diapers are made from premium fabrics - all items are hand cut, washed, sewn, and finished in my home studio in Wisconsin.

Fabrics included in the Starter Pack:

- CHEEKY - bamboo organic cotton spandex french terry - available in black.

CHEEKY french terry is a great all-around diaper, works perfectly for daytime or for nights and naps with a booster! It is super soft, stretchy, and plush. Learn more about this fabric here

- SAUCY - bamboo organic cotton spandex jersey - available in Olive green.

SAUCY jersey is very trim, smooth, soft, and stretchy - makes a wonderful daytime diaper! Learn more about this fabric here

- BRASSY - lyocell hemp spandex french terry - available in black.

BRASSY french terry is our unique one of a kind fabric that is amazing for anytime - daytime, naps or even nightime! Learn more about this fabric here.

Please note - we hope to offer more starter pack fabric and size options in the future.

Learn more about snappis fasteners here.

Size Options:

- One size 27.5-28" flats with infant size snappis pack

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