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Although Sassy Flats diapers are very soft and gentle and absorbent, some sensitive skin benefits most from having a stay dry liner added inside the diaper to help wick away moisture. Also useful for protecting the diaper from creams/ointments and for easier stool clean up.

Liners are 100% polyester. 

Come in packs of 4 and two size options available. 

Sizes options:

  • OS liner - 4.5" by 12" - an all around one size option that fits most diapers well
  • Wide liner - 7" by 14" - larger size for a more full coverage, especially great for nap and night diapers 

Care instructions: Wash once prior to first use. Dump solids, rinse warm. Machine wash warm, extra rinse. Tumble try low or line dry. Do not bleach or iron.