Welcome to Sassy Flats!

* Regarding the COVID19 outbreak - here at Sassy Flats our business is run by our family entirely in our home.  We are taking necessary precautions to be sure our space and surfaces are kept clean and are following the guidelines of the CDC and local authorities to protect the health and safety of ourselves and our customers. There may be delays in stockings and/or shipping due to changes in regulations and this may occur at any time. Thanks for your understanding. *

Here at Sassy Flats you will find uniquely colorful and original stretchy flat cloth diapers (and more!) that are beautiful, simple, and effective, all handmade in my home studio in Wisconsin.  Flats are one layer square absorbent cloth diapers that are endlessly customizable, super simple to care for, and work extremely well! They are the “old school” cloth diapers! 

Stockings are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm CST. 

Follow the Facebook group for more info and updates, and check out the FAQ page

If you're new to cloth diapers and/or stretchy flats - start here!

Thank you so much for supporting a small family run business! ~Carrie

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