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Where and how are the items made?

All products made and sold by Sassy Flats are proudly made by hand by the owner and founder of Sassy Flats Carrie Hansen in her home studio in Hudson, WI, with the help of her very supportive family and friends. Carrie learned to sew as a child but has otherwise been self taught with the support and guidance of many other skilled wahms.  

What are the different flats made of?

Cheeky - bamboo cotton spandex french terry and fleece. The natural and black Cheeky are made with organic cotton. 

Fresh - lyocell organic cotton spandex french terry and fleece.

Brazen - bamboo hemp spandex french terry.

Saucy - bamboo organic cotton spandex jersey.

Brassy - lyocell hemp spandex french terry.

Spicy - bamboo hemp spandex jersey

All flats are stretchy and super soft! The flats fabrics are carefully chosen from reputable suppliers in the USA that carry high quality knit fabrics milled in China.  All fabrics meet CPSC safety requirements. 

See the Fabric & Product Descriptions for more information. 

What is the best flats option for a heavy wetter?

All the flats from Sassy Flats can be used effectively for a heavy wetter if you use a fold that puts more layers in the wetzone and/or add a booster. But, the most absorbent one size flats tested so far are Fresh fleece (>22oz), Cheeky fleece (>18oz) and Brassy french terry (>18oz).  See the Absorbency page for more information. 

Do you make custom items or colorways?

At this time I do not make custom hand dyed items but I am very open to customer suggestions and ideas!  

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