Are Sassy Flats diapers prepped?

Yes - All diapers made by Sassy Flats, unless otherwise specified, are washed and dried on hot at least once before being cut and sewn. You can use them when you receive them, but they will become more absorbent after more laundry cycles. Most will reach maximum absorbency after 8-10 wash and dry cycles. 

How do I wash and care for Sassy Flats diapers? How about hand dyed?

All items can be washed on cold or warm, and either line dried or tumble dry low. Hot water and high heat drying is generally fine as well but can cause premature wear on the items. 

The serging along the edge of the flats does allow stretch BUT there is a limit to the threads stretching. Some fabrics, like Fresh french terry and Brazen french terry, are so stretchy that you may be able to stretch the fabric beyond what the serging tension allows. Please be careful to not stretch the edge too much when using, especially for certain folds like origami where the serging is along the edge of the wings. If the serging thread does break, you can tie a knot to stop it from unraveling or you can sew (by hand or machine) over the area to secure the threads.

Hand dyed items are thoroughly fixed, rinsed repeatedly and dried on hot before cut and sewn. Certain colorways, especially blues, purples, and reds, may still bleed dye the first few wash cycles. Differing water conditions as well can cause more or less dye bleed. Thus, we recommend you wash the hand dyed items separately from other laundry or with darks for the first few washes, or use a color catcher (can be found at most local hardware or big-box stores). If you're concerned about your baby's skin having some dye transfer, please use a liner. You may also soak the item in hot water and rinse, repeat, until you do not see any dye bleed. 

Can I use ____ cream/ointment with my Sassy Flats?

Most are fine to use so long as you use a liner and/or have an effective wash routine. Unicorn Beyond Clean is very effective for deep cleaning diapers. 

Can I use bleach on my Sassy Flats since I bought them second-hand?

Although many have done this without any issues, it is not recommended to use bleach or to iron your Sassy Flats as it may damage the fabric. Please ask other customers for their experiences, such as in the Facebook group

Something is wrong with my Sassy Flats item - stitching coming undone, snag, size is off, etc. What can I do? 

If there is a defect or issue with an order - please contact us within 24-48 hours of receiving your order so we can help you as quickly as possible. Damage due to shipping is not covered – please contact the postal service to discuss their insurance coverage if included.  Wear and tear are not covered as a defect. 

Our products are handmade and thus sizing, color, texture and stitching may vary slightly one from another. Fabrics as well are never the exact same batch to batch, or even from different sections of the same fabric roll. Small minor flaws in fabric may be present in a new firsts quality item. If an obvious flaw is found, the item will be sold as “seconds” quality for a discount.


When are items stocked?

The shop is almost always open unless it is being updated for a stocking or on a vacation, and it restocks every 1-2 weeks. For more details on what will stock when, please follow the Sassy Flats page or the Facebook group. 

Will items sell out fast? 

Some items do sell out fast, especially the more popular hand dyed items. To order, customers have the best success with being logged into their Sassy Flats store account and having their preferred payment method logged in or on hand. Many do also order the "must haves" first before they may sell out. Please see the full shipping policy for details on combined shipping. 

Regarding cart holds or cart jumping: sometimes certain items sell out very very fast. When this happens, if someone completes a purchase but you have the same item in your cart and it's sold out between the time you go to checkout and the time you submit payment, you get to the final page of checkout and then are notified that the item is out of stock and it "jumps" your cart and is no longer yours. We understand that this creates a lot of frustration, annoyance, and difficulty with your shopping experience with Sassy Flats.
The Shopify platform at this time does not allow for a feature to hold people's carts. The only way to do this is to use an "app" add on, that is made by someone else for Shopify, but often times these apps do not work seamlessly, sometimes not at all. We tried this last year to see how it could go, and it still caused cart jumps and oversells. We didn't find that it would be helpful then if it gave people false assurance of a cart hold if it really didn't work in the end.
So please know that we are continuously looking for ways to improve this issue. At this time we are hoping to stock more of each item, or less options for each stocking, so hopefully cart jumps are minimized. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


I forgot to use a coupon code, or it didn't work, can my order be adjusted?

Coupon codes cannot be applied retroactively. Please consider using the coupon code on another order. You can test it out before purchasing. 


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for orders $45 and over in the USA. Orders less than $45 are a flat $3 to ship. International shipping depends on location and the weight of the order.  Regarding combined shipping, see question below.

When will my order ship?

Orders usually ship within a couple business days but please allow up to 7 business days unless otherwise specified (like for preorders). Orders placed the day of or day after a stocking may take additional time due to the higher volume of orders.  Also, there may be rare unanticipated circumstances that cause delays. If the delay is more than two days you will be notified. If the shipping day falls on a holiday the items will ship the following day.. 

If I placed multiple orders will you combine them?

If you have multiple orders placed under the same account, we will try out best to combine them into one shipment.  Shipping charges will not be refunded for orders placed in the USA. International orders that are combined that pay multiple shipping fees will more than likely be refunded some shipping upon combining the orders. 

I put the wrong address, can I change it?

We are unable to change a shipping address after the order has been placed. Please be careful and triple check your information before placing your order. If you are moving, please consider using mail forwarding through your postal service. 


Where and how are the items made?

All products made and sold by Sassy Flats are proudly made by hand by the owner and founder of Sassy Flats Carrie Hansen in her home studio in Hudson, WI, with the help of her very supportive family and friends. Carrie learned to sew as a child but has otherwise been self taught with the support and guidance of many other skilled wahms.  

What are the different flats made of?

Cheeky - bamboo cotton spandex french terry and fleece. The natural and black Cheeky are made with organic cotton. 

Fresh - lyocell organic cotton spandex french terry and fleece.

Brazen - bamboo hemp spandex french terry.

Saucy - bamboo organic cotton spandex jersey.

Brassy - lyocell hemp spandex french terry.

Sweet - lyocell organic cotton spandex jersey.

Spicy - bamboo hemp spandex jersey

All flats are stretchy and super soft! The flats fabrics are carefully chosen from reputable suppliers in the USA that carry high quality knit fabrics milled in China.  All fabrics meet CPSC safety requirements. 

See the Fabric & Product Descriptions for more information. 

What is the best flats option for a heavy wetter?

All the flats from Sassy Flats can be used effectively for a heavy wetter if you use a fold that puts more layers in the wetzone and/or add a booster. But, the most absorbent one size flats tested so far are Fresh fleece (>22oz), Cheeky fleece (>18oz) and Brassy french terry (>18oz).  See the Absorbency page for more information. 

Do you make custom items or colorways?

At this time I do not make custom hand dyed items but I am very open to customer suggestions and ideas!