Care Instructions

How do I care for Sassy Flats items?

  • We recommend the following wash routine: Dump or rinse off any solids. Rinse warm. Machine wash warm with recommended detergent amount (will vary, depending on detergent and load size). Then rinse cold and either line dry or tumble dry low. Recommended detergent: Unicorn Beyond Clean.
  • Hot washing and/or drying is usually okay but extreme temperatures over extended periods of time are likely to wear out the fabrics, especially the spandex that gives the diapers stretch. 
  • For stiff or rough feeling flats (especially those with hemp such as Brazen, Brassy or Spicy), we recommend using a cloth diaper safe fabric softener such as Unicorn Beyond Soft
  • The serging along the edge of the flats does allow stretch BUT there is a limit to the threads stretching. Some fabrics, like Fresh french terry and Brazen french terry, are so stretchy that you may be able to stretch the fabric beyond what the serging tension allows. Please be careful to not stretch the edge too much when using, especially for certain folds like origami where the serging is along the edge of the wings. If the serging thread does break, you can tie a knot to stop it from unraveling or you can sew (by hand or machine) over the area to secure the threads.

Are Sassy Flats diapers prepped?

  • Yes - All diapers made by Sassy Flats, unless otherwise specified, are washed and dried on hot at least once before being cut and sewn. You can use them when you receive them (see note below about darker colored or hand dyed flats), and they will become more absorbent after more laundry cycles. Most will reach maximum absorbency after 8-10 wash and dry cycles. Jersey fabrics may need more prepping to become quicker at absorbing liquid.

Special Considerations for Laundering darker mill dyed and/or hand dyed items: 

  • Mill dyed flats should be washed separately from any light or white colored items as they may cause dye transfer. This should become less likely after several wash cycles.
  • Hand dyed items are thoroughly fixed, washed, and rinsed repeatedly after the dyeing process.  Darker colorways, especially dark blues and reds, tend to have more occurrences of dye bleed or transfer. Because of variations in water, washer/drying routines, and detergents, we cannot guarantee if your item will have dye bleed or not.
  • Tips for preventing dye transfer:
    1. Run the item through a hot wash/dry cycle or two before use. 
    2. To protect skin from dye transfer, use a liner.
    3. Use caution when using light colored diaper covers, wool, or clothing.
    4. Store damp hand dyed items separate from light colored items.

    5. Wash with like colors and/or use a color catcher for first few washes.

Can I use ____ cream/ointment with my Sassy Flats?

  • Most are fine to use so long as you use a liner and/or have an effective wash routine. Unicorn Beyond Clean is very effective for deep cleaning diapers. 

Can I use bleach on my Sassy Flats since I bought them second-hand?

  • Although many have done this without any issues, it is not recommended to use bleach or to iron your Sassy Flats as it may damage the fabric. Please ask other customers for their experiences, such as in the Facebook group

Something is wrong with my Sassy Flats item - stitching coming undone, snag, size is off, etc. What can I do?

  • Please see our policy here for further details on defects and workmanship.