Fabric & Product Descriptions

Fabrics are carefully selected for Sassy Flats diapers to be the highest quality possible, while still being soft, beautiful, and effective. Every flats fabric has four way stretch (fleece flats are a bit less stretchy one direction) from added spandex, and is snappi and pin friendly! They are either medium or heavy weight fabrics so you always know you have an absorbent diaper from Sassy Flats!  All fabrics are washed and dried before cutting and sewing and should be ready for use. They will become more absorbent with more washing. All fabrics are CPSC compliant.




 Size options:

    • Newborn 18-20" square - fits most around 5lbs to 15lbs
    • Infant 24" square - fits most around 10lbs to 25lbs
    • One size 27.5-28" square - fits most 12lbs to 40lbs, may be bulky for newborns and small infants
    • Toddler 29" square - fits most from 12lbs to 40+lbs
    CHEEKY - The first Sassy Flat - our signature original super soft, squishy, trim and absorbent french terry or fleece flat that is great for any age and need. Made from bamboo cotton spandex french terry or fleece (think fuzzy sweatshirt but super soft and stretchy) and available in black, natural, hand dyed and fun mill dyed colors! The milled dyed colored version is a slightly different blend but the same weight and very similar feel.

    SAUCY - bamboo organic cotton jersey flats available in black, natural, hand dyed and mill dyed colors! The black, natural and hand dyed are a little heavier weight and have a bit more spandex which make them very absorbent and sturdy while still retaining super softness and trimness. The mill dyed color jersey flats are a little more trim, while still being very soft, absorbent, and of course vibrant. They work great for double flats!

    FRESH - a unique flat from Sassy flats, made from lyocell organic cotton spandex. These flats are similar to the Cheeky flats but a great option for those wanting to stay away from bamboo. Lyocell is very soft, extremely absorbent, anti-microbial, biodegradable and is processed in a more environmentally friendly method than bamboo. Comes in Fresh french terry (similar to Cheeky and Brazen with small loops on one side, smooth on the other) or Fresh fleece (smooth on one side, fuzzy fleece side on other).

    BRASSY - these are made from our brand new exclusive fabric milled just for Sassy Flats! This lyocell hemp spandex french terry blend is just the right weight of 320gsm. They are very soft, stretchy, and absorbent! The black color has a bit of a faded vintage look you will love!

    BRAZEN - the original bamboo hemp french terry stretchy flats designed by Sassy Flats available in black, natural, and hand dyed. The black is a slightly heavier weight so works amazingly well for heavy wetters but is still incredibly soft, trim, and stretchy! A favorite of just about everyone who has tried them thus far!

    SPICY - made of bamboo hemp spandex jersey and offer a very trim stretchy flat! They have the hemp slub texture (more so on one side) while still feeling soft. The perfect daytime flat or with a booster, can work for naps and overnight.

    SUPER - double layer flat - made with a variety fabrics such as Spicy + Cheeky, or Saucy + Spicy, etc. These work amazingly well overnight - say goodbye to pesky elastics and fitteds that take forever to dry and keep clean!

    SWEET - lyocell organic cotton spandex jersey, this was a limited run of a new fabric.

    Texture differences between the fabrics: 




    Preflats - with stretchy wings and three layers serged together they make a great easy yet simple diaper! Available in four sizes from birth to potty!
    Snapless Fitted - Super stretchy soft and trim snapless fitted typically made from the CHEEKY or FRESH flats fabric paired with super absorbent squishy FRESH fleece. Each fitted comes with two inserts that are each three layers of the fleece topped with the coordinating shell. Elastics are made to be turned so there is no serging to irritate legs! Available in three sizes - size 0 for around 6 to 18lbs, size 1 for around 8 to 30lbs, and size 2 for around 15-40lbs.

    Boosters - made from a variety of absorbent fabrics and colors. Two layers are serged together in three sizes - small 6x10”, medium 9x12”, large 10x13”. Fold how you like (in half or trifold) to fit inside your flats, fitteds, pockets, or aios!

    Liners - made from white polyester suede cloth. Used to create a more stay dry feel for baby’s skin and for easier cleanup for dirty diapers.

    Blankets - made from two layers of hand dyed luxuriously soft bamboo velour in either lovey, baby blanket, or throw blanket sizes.

    Unicorn Baby wash - Beyond Clean for your diaper detergent, and Beyond Soft to keep them extra super soft! Made in the USA, fragrance free, biodegradable, cruelty free, and very effective!